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SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform Review For 2021 (Cost, Features, & Packages)

Read Time: 4.14 mins. Endpoints such as laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones are common entry points for cyber attackers and malware. The more devices your organization has, the more choices a cyber attacker can choose to access your IT... Read More >

Top 4 Customer Experience Trends Of 2021 To Consider For Your Business

Read Time: 3.33 mins. Several businesses and customers alike have had a tough time functioning in 2020 and recovering in 2021. Your business may now be wondering, “how can we better serve our customers if we don’t know what next year will bring?”  ... Read More >

Business Continuity Vs. Disaster Recovery: What Is The Difference?

Read Time: 4.48 mins What happens when a critical issue arises and affects the momentum of your company’s day-to-day business operations? Whether your business is faced with a major disaster, your business needs to have a plan in place for the... Read More >

The 4 Top Cloud Communication Myths Debunked

Read Time: 3.25 mins. Don’t allow myths about cloud communications to hamper your business’s IT success. Before your business decides to invest in a cloud solution, it helps to understand what cloud technology can and cannot do for your business.  Our... Read More >

What Are The 3 Best RMM Tools Your MSP Should Be Using?

Read Time: 4.23 mins. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is designed to help IT specialists effectively monitor and manage a business’s IT infrastructure. From the setup and network availability of your desktop computers and servers to the... Read More >

What Are The Best Online Collaboration Tools Of 2021?

Read Time: 4.13 mins. Since the beginning of 2020, many companies have had to rethink the way they view and implement business collaboration efforts. Online collaboration has become the saving grace for most organizations looking to ensure that their... Read More >

Top 5 Common Computer Problems Employees Face And How To Solve Them

Read Time: 5.40 mins. We have all had the experience of trying to get work done, but then all of a sudden your computer starts malfunctioning and robs you of an hour or more of your time waiting for your IT department or MSP to respond to your service... Read More >

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost? (2 Pricing Models)

Read Time: 4.43 mins When it comes to exploring managed IT options, one question that you may be wondering is, “How much is managed IT going to cost me?” The answer, however, is not that simple.  The truth is, the cost of managed IT services depends... Read More >

How Can LDI’s Managed IT Team Support Your Existing IT Department?

Read Time: 4.06 mins. Having an internal IT department is a solid baseline for protecting and maintaining the security of your network and valuable data. Still, you might find yourself wondering if your IT department really can do it all.  After all,... Read More >

What Are 4 Signs Your Managed IT Provider Isn't Cutting It?

Read Time: 4.24 mins. Working with a managed IT provider can be great for companies looking for ongoing IT support and management of their IT environment. However, it isn’t uncommon for companies to find that their managed IT provider is no longer... Read More >

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