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What to Expect from an LDI CONNECT Network Assessment

Is your organization’s computer network at risk? Without a recent and credible technology audit, you might not know. IT problems could be lingering on your network at any time, and your company could unintentionally leave your personal data and network... Read More >

The Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Your Scanning

Outsourcing scanning to a professional company is the simple, sensible, and secure way to ensure high-quality digital conversion for all of your businesses’ document needs. In the digital age and the current global climate, more and more employees are... Read More >

Managed IT Services: How to Secure Your Corporate Real Estate

Now more than ever, businesses are becoming reliant on technology solutions for their day-to-day operations. Organizations utilize hardware and software devices in conducting their business transactions and have begun implementing advanced technology... Read More >

Our Top 3 Most-Asked Questions About UCaaS

Since we've started selling Unified Communications as a Service (also known as UCaaS), we've noticed some recurring questions. It's easy to type "What is UCaaS" into a search engine and come up with a definition but we wanted to go a bit deeper than... Read More >

Enhancing Long Distance Learning with Technology

The world is facing unprecedented circumstances regarding the coronavirus outbreak, and with it the way businesses and institutions are run has changed for the foreseeable future. In March of 2020, educators and students across the United States were... Read More >

LDI's Guide to Shopping for Printers in 2020

The current global circumstances should not deter your business from expanding or purchasing the necessary devices required for everyday operation. Office environments in 2020 are nontraditional (to say the least) and may need some adjusting to support... Read More >

How to Secure Your Law Firm with LDI

Law firms of all sizes rely on a variety of documents to perform their day-to-day tasks. Whether in relation to a client, reference books, or internal corporate articles - it can be argued that law firms and government agencies are very bound to paper... Read More >

Be Remote-Ready with LogMeIn

Entering the new normal, businesses and employees around the world are facing new challenges in their daily practices. Your organization is likely starting to think beyond crisis management and is preparing for long-term, growth-oriented remote work. As... Read More >

The Power of Non-Touch Technology

Heading back to work shouldn’t compromise the health of your employees. The spread of COVID-19 can occur through close contact with an infected individual or surfaces they may have touched. This means that although businesses are reopening, minimum... Read More >

Back to Work With Zero-Touch Deployment

Heading back to work in these uncertain times can seem intimidating, but advancements in technology have made it easier for corporations across the globe to slowly transition back into offices. LDI is elated to provide our customers with zero-touch... Read More >