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How to Secure Your Law Firm with LDI

Law firms of all sizes rely on a variety of documents to perform their day-to-day tasks. Whether in relation to a client, reference books, or internal corporate articles - it can be argued that law firms and government agencies are very bound to paper... Read More >

Be Remote-Ready with LogMeIn

Entering the new normal, businesses and employees around the world are facing new challenges in their daily practices. Your organization is likely starting to think beyond crisis management and is preparing for long-term, growth-oriented remote work. As... Read More >

The Power of Non-Touch Technology

Heading back to work shouldn’t compromise the health of your employees. The spread of COVID-19 can occur through close contact with an infected individual or surfaces they may have touched. This means that although businesses are reopening, minimum... Read More >

Back to Work With Zero-Touch Deployment

Heading back to work in these uncertain times can seem intimidating, but advancements in technology have made it easier for corporations across the globe to slowly transition back into offices. LDI is elated to provide our customers with zero-touch... Read More >

Improving Modern-Day Connectivity with UCaaS Systems

UCaaS systems or unified communications as a service has evolved with the digital age to diminish the need for traditional on-premise components. Collaboration tools among employees and clients can now operate solely on the cloud. These systems are... Read More >

4 Things to Consider When Moving, Downsizing or Expanding Office Locations

Business challenges developing as a result of COVID-19 are not new to any individual or organization. Managers are scrambling to arrange safety plans to regulate their office activities and may be finding it difficult. In this time of limbo, where social... Read More >

Moving Forward with Unified Communications

You may notice that the productivity of your organization directly correlates to the amount of communication being had in your business since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Understandably, due to the severity of the virus there can be numerous... Read More >

ELEVATE Your Workplace Connectivity

During these uncertain times, we must follow regulated safety precautions to ensure our communities and organizations are protected from COVID - 19. You may find it difficult to keep your corporation connected during this time, while some employees work... Read More >

Upfront Protection with Web Gateway Security

Due to limited capacity and social distancing standards as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in transitions between the remote and office workplace. The devices you use to operate your daily business tasks could be at a heightened... Read More >

The Necessity of Mobile Device Security

Technology is evolving, and the everyday interactions we have utilizing our mobile devices has become an easy target for hackers. Cyber attacks are no longer isolated to breaches in organizations, and your mobile device should be secured and ready to... Read More >