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Certified Pre-owned Printers for Your Business: Pros & Cons

February 12, 2021

Are you considering a certified pre-owned printer, copier, scanner for your business but worried about the risks? In this article, we will explore those risks as well as the benefits. First, we will discuss what a certified pre-owned is. Then we will discuss the benefits of leasing certified pre-owned and conclude with the risks involved.


LDI sells brand new machines as well as for certified pre-owned. We are happy to help you obtain a new printer for your business if that best suits your needs. However, we got inspired to write about this topic when we realized that many of our customers didn’t know that certified pre-owned machines were an option. Our objective with this article is to educate you about this lesser-known, yet more affordable, choice. We want you to have all of the information necessary to select the best device in your budget for your business.  


The majority of the machines we sell are Canon, but we are also an authorized dealer of other leading manufacturers such as Xerox, Toshiba, Sharp, Brother, and HP. This enables us to objectively offer the most reliable and best value for your specific needs, whether it’s refurbished or brand new.

What are Certified Pre-Owned Printers?

Certified pre-owned (“CPO”) means the same as “used.” We’ve taken a previously owned machine and refurbished it. This is meticulously done both internally and cosmetically to bring it as close to new machine standards as possible.  


What Are the Pros of Certified Pre-owned Printers? 

As you are about to see, there are several benefits to leasing certified pre-owned office equipment. With the pandemic, employees are simply not in the office as much as they used to be. You may still need an office printer, but many business owners are trying to save money on overall costs. Below you will see that is just one of the benefits of leasing certified pre-owned instead of new.


Businesses are looking to cut expenses. Even if your physical office is still staffed, you most likely have fewer people working onsite than you previously did. Now is the time to save money and look for deals, especially on more high-priced items such as business equipment.

There can be up to a 50% savings when you lease certified pre-owned office equipment. For example, a new color system that might be in the $399/month range for a 3-year lease could be as low as  $199/month for a “CPO” on the same 3-year term.

Free accessories and finishers

When you lease a new machine, even essential add-ons like extra paper trays will add to your monthly payment. However, when you lease a refurbished printer/copier/scanner, many accessories such as online stapling and faxing could be included.  

Environmental impact

Leasing a certified pre-owned machine not only saves your business money but also contributes to a cleaner environment and helps reduce global warming. The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is 355 tons per 1,000 copiers manufactured. The Carbon footprint of a rebuilt copier/printer is practically zero.

Same guarantee

As we mentioned at the top of the article, you get the same guarantee for a refurbished machine as you do when you lease a brand new device. Your lease includes comprehensive, responsive service troubleshooting. 


What Are the Cons of Certified Pre-owned Printers?

When you purchase a used or refurbished device like an iPhone or TV, there could be a risk that it is of lower quality and does not have the same guarantee as a new device. However, when you lease a CPO machine for your office, the promise of it working to your satisfaction is the same as if you were renting brand new.

However, there are some cons to keep in mind: 

Not as customizable

When you lease a new machine, you are getting it straight from the factory and can choose to rent it with only the standard features or add any specific accessories available for that brand and model. When you lease a certified pre-owned machine, your options may be more limited.

Not all sales reps are knowledgeable or have certified pre-owned systems to offer

Like all professionals, sales representatives can have varying degrees of expertise and experience. So there is a risk that an individual sales rep may not be as knowledgeable as others about the cost-saving benefits of a refurbished machine. They very well may try to sell you a lease for a new machine because it is more expensive and their company does not have a pre-owned option! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and only work with a sales rep who seems knowledgeable and trustworthy. 


What is the guarantee on a certified pre-owned device?

Though the choice is entirely up to you depending on your needs and budget, leasing a certified pre-owned multifunctional device (one with printing, copying, and scanning capabilities) is more affordable than leasing a brand new machine. If you are dealing with a reputable company, it should have the same guarantee. 


LDI’s “CPO” machines have the same success rates as our brand new machines. Additionally, when you lease a machine from LDI, it is guaranteed for the lease’s entire term as long as you have a service agreement. This way, there is never a hidden charge. LDI even has a free technical helpline.

LDI customer service representatives are dedicated to answering your questions and resolving your issues. LDI includes all the replacement of parts and will even replace the entire machine with one of equal or greater value if we cannot fix it promptly.


And finally, are Certified Pre-Owned Printers Right for you?

We think that certified pre-owned printers are a great affordable option for businesses if you are trying to save money due to pandemic related budget cuts or want to help our environment.  But they’re not for everyone. If you know precisely what brand and model printer you need and desire the ability to customize it yourself, then a new device might be a better fit. Either way, we want to help you select the best multi-functional device for your business and find something great within your budget.


Contact an LDI Expert Today!

Are you interested in leasing a certified pre-owned printer/copier/scanner for your business? An LDI representative would be happy to speak with you and review your options. 


Jessica Mazo
Jessica Mazo

A member of LDI's marketing team, Jess frequently liaises between the C-Suite, sales, and subject matter experts. Jess worked in public relations before joining LDI. She received her BA in communications from the State University of NY at Albany and loves dogs, travel, and yoga.

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