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COVID - 19: We Have Your Back


Take Advantage of LDI’s Expertise to Keep Your Business Running Remotely

With over 20 years of experience in maximizing business uptime, LDI can support any size business with remote work technology today.

LDI recognizes that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused tremendous uncertainty and as a technology company, we are sensitive to the specific needs and requests that your business may be having in this difficult period.

During this time, it is critical that you can continue to communicate with your employees and customers. We are dedicated to providing you options to continue operating remotely and securely. We have the tools and offerings that your business needs for successful remote collaboration.

In light of the outbreak, we are offering 100 free trial licenses for Sentinel One. This is the best cyber protection LDI offers - and it's all yours for 45 days. Additionally, we can also provide laptops, printers and small multi-functional MFPs as needed. Please consider the following potential solutions below that have already helped our clients maintain business continuity - LDI CONNECT, Work From Home Devices and Pro AV Solutions

Talk to an IT Expert

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Calls for stronger cybersecurity protection and managed IT services are increasing, so we suggest you engage with our team at LDI CONNECT as soon as possible. Clients have already benefited from our free assessments, additional bandwidth, hardware and software applications that this group has provided to individuals that are working remotely. Click here to learn about our complete remote assessment to monitor any vulnerabilities. 
Work from Home Devices

LDI has worked with our manufacturer partners to design an equipment program to support the demands of today's remote work environment. Here's an example of some of the machines we can offer and a guide to cleaning Canon devices at home.

To learn about LDI’s WFH Printer & MFP Program, please fill out the following form and an LDI specialist will contact you ASAP.

Pro Av

Pro AV solutions can assist you with remote huddle up and collaboration strategies that enable staff to work in smaller and safer groups, following many corporate mandates to keep meetings to smaller sizes with social distancing. As a Zoom/Microsoft Teams reseller, this group has been provisioning laptops and rolling out videoconferencing deployments in record numbers.

600x300LDI Production Print Services (PPS)

Even though many people have been working from home, LDI Production Print Services (PPS), LDI’s division for reprographic services, remains open and is fulfilling print orders to support essential services within our community.

We've set up a portal for you to upload your files easily and securely. Once printed, we can deliver them via messenger or will mail them to any corporate location or home address.

Our reprographic services include Large Format CAD drawings, Large Format Presentation, Small Format Prints and scanning in high resolution.

AdobeStock_292087939LDI Promos & Financing Options

LDI’s Administration, Leasing and Finance departments are working hard to support clients in any way possible. Companies that are signing new leases and experiencing financial uncertainty may be eligible for deferred leasing programs, enabling them to start lease payments a few months down the road, when the pandemic has passed and businesses are restored to regular activity.

For more information about our 90-Day, 0%, Deferred Lease Payment Program, please fill out the following form and an LDI specialist will contact you ASAP.

AdobeStock_326516827Extra Safety Measures

If your business remains open and requires in-person service or support from us, rest assured of our newly enforced safety measures. All of our business technology consultants and service technicians who visit your office building are required to:

  • Practice all CDC health recommendations.
  • Utilize hand sanitizing spray before, during, and after any contact with your staff.
  • Use disinfecting towels when wiping down office equipment glass and the control panels on all copiers and printers prior to leaving your site.

To learn more about how our company is approaching COVID-19, read our official statement from our CEO here.

Additionally, we understand that it's an adjustment to work remotely. We've compiled some resources to help make working remote easier: