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UCaaS vs. CCaaS: Which Does Your Business Need?

Read Time: 4:14mins Today, businesses have several options to choose from when considering a digital cloud solution. However, the decision between UCaaS vs. CCaaS is one of the latest leading issues in customer support solutions. We understand. It can... Read More >

LDI’s Cloud Services: 6 Steps To Expect When Getting Started

Read Time: 8.00 mins. Nowadays, most organizations are moving to the cloud for scalability, ease of use, and to minimize downtime.  Still, it can be challenging to know what to expect when looking for cloud services from a cloud services provider... Read More >

Top 4 Customer Experience Trends Of 2021 To Consider For Your Business

Read Time: 3.33 mins. Several businesses and customers alike have had a tough time functioning in 2020 and recovering in 2021. Your business may now be wondering, “how can we better serve our customers if we don’t know what next year will bring?”  ... Read More >

The 4 Top Cloud Communication Myths Debunked

Read Time: 3.25 mins. Don’t allow myths about cloud communications to hamper your business’s IT success. Before your business decides to invest in a cloud solution, it helps to understand what cloud technology can and cannot do for your business.  Our... Read More >

Microsoft Teams: Operator Connect vs. Direct Routing

Read Time: 4.03mins Microsoft Teams has been increasingly referred to as the go-to platform for unified communications, including video calls, voice calling, chat, and collaboration. One of the main reasons Teams has been gaining in popularity is for... Read More >

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Vs. On-Premise Phone Systems (Pros & Cons)

When thinking of a phone system, what comes to mind for you? For many, phone systems can be defined as a network of chunky black telephones with several buttons and wires connected to a wall. This type of phone system has been the tried and true way... Read More >

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