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Cloud-Based Phone Systems Vs. On-Premise Phone Systems (Pros & Cons)

When thinking of a phone system, what comes to mind for you? For many, phone systems can be defined as a network of chunky black telephones with several buttons and wires connected to a wall. This type of phone system has been the tried and true way... Read More >

Living In The Cloud: What Is ‘The Cloud’ And How Does It Work?

Within the tech industry, the words "the cloud" get used without most people understanding what it is and how it can help their business. You may have heard the following words: “cloud services,” “cloud computing,” “cloud storage,” and “cloud... Read More >

Unified Communications: 4 Key Benefits for Hybrid & Remote Teams

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, corporations across the globe were scrambling to continue their everyday business operations. Although every organization has dealt with COVID-19 differently, companies across every industry have had to address the... Read More >

Our Top 3 Most-Asked Questions About UCaaS

Since we've started selling Unified Communications as a Service (also known as UCaaS), we've noticed some recurring questions. It's easy to type "What is UCaaS" into a search engine and come up with a definition but we wanted to go a bit deeper than... Read More >

ELEVATE Your Workplace Connectivity

During these uncertain times, we must follow regulated safety precautions to ensure our communities and organizations are protected from COVID - 19. You may find it difficult to keep your corporation connected during this time, while some employees... Read More >

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