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How Can LDI’s Managed IT Team Support Your Existing IT Department?

Read Time: 4.06 mins. Having an internal IT department is a solid baseline for protecting and maintaining the security of your network and valuable data. Still, you might find yourself wondering if your IT department really can do it all.  After all,... Read More >

What Are 4 Signs Your Managed IT Provider Isn't Cutting It?

Read Time: 4.24 mins. Working with a managed IT provider can be great for companies looking for ongoing IT support and management of their IT environment. However, it isn’t uncommon for companies to find that their managed IT provider is no longer... Read More >

Top 5 Problems A Managed IT Provider Can Help You Solve

Read TIme: 4.36 mins. It can be quite challenging to operate your business while maintaining an extensive network of devices. Seeing as these devices help your business transactions and communications run smoothly, they must be properly managed.  ... Read More >

4 Reasons To Use Patch Management Software For Your Business

Read Time: 3.49 mins. With each passing day, the number of ransomware attacks increases and continues to be an ongoing threat amongst small and large businesses alike. Suppose your organization has several computers and servers. In that case, it can... Read More >

Malvertising 101: What Is It & 4 Ways To Avoid It

Read Time: 3.42 mins. Websites that feature fraudulent malware advertisements can end up severely damaging your company's network and devices. But how can your company's employees avoid malicious advertisements from wreaking havoc on their computing... Read More >

LDI’s Managed IT Services: 5 Steps To Expect When Getting Started

Read TIme: 5.50 mins. Is your company considering managed IT services but unsure of which provider to choose?  Prior to implementing our services, LDI’s managed IT team walks clients through a streamlined five-step process. This process allows us to... Read More >

Managed IT Services Vs. IT Outsourcing (3 Differences)

Read Time: 4.07 mins Your organization's cybersecurity vulnerabilities and IT disruptions may have to lead you to seek assistance outside of your company. However, now that you're interested in getting IT support, who can you turn to for help with... Read More >

3 Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Your Business Cut Costs

Read Time: 3.38 mins Whether your company follows a remote or hybrid work model or not, a company’s IT environment can directly impact the productivity of your employees, the security of your company’s information, and the associated costs.  It can be... Read More >

Cyber Insurance Basics: What Is It & What Does It Cover?

U.S. data breaches have drastically increased within the last decade, from 662 data breaches in 2010 to over a thousand in 2020. With hackers demanding higher ransom payments while holding an organization’s information hostage, it’s estimated that... Read More >

4 Benefits Of Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Employees

You may think that your company won’t ever endure a cybersecurity threat or data breach. But the reality is, no company, however big or small, is safe from getting hacked nor their information stolen. Cybersecurity threats continuously evolve as... Read More >

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